Thursday, September 28, 2006

Recharge + Recenter

After buying 4 brand new tires, I decided to break them in by driving 16 miles on a dirt road to my most favorite place -- the Spiral Jetty. Well, actually it's right next to it, but the Spiral Jetty is pretty awesome, too. You should go if you've never gone. It's about a 2 hour drive from Salt Lake, which is the perfect amount of time to sing my heart out to awesome music. It's on the North end of the Great Salt Lake. I love being out there, in the middle of nowhere, camera in hand, with no worries and nothing to think about except how beautiful this world is. So, despite the fact that I am embarassed to show pictures of myself (I HATE being in front of the camera), here they are.


Rebekah said...

So how did you get these pictures? Did you take them yourself with a tripod and timer? That is cool!

threewinks said...


Yep, I had a tripod and set it on interval shooting. So I would shoot 10 at a time. I felt pretty silly at least I was alone... :D