Thursday, August 23, 2007


If you check out a lot of photographer's blogs, then you've probably seen a game of 'tag' going on. And, it's spreading like wild fire! I was tagged by Tim and Heidi Uhl. I guess I'm supposed to tell you all 8 things about myself. The question is, can I really think of 8, interesteing facts? You'll have to be the judge of that....

1. I am a Utah girl through and through. I now live only 5 minutes from the hospital I was born in. However, I have lived in 5 (I think) different houses and I did live away from home the 5 years I was in college. (The key number here is 5. haha)

2. I love ice cream and popcorn. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life (someone really asked me this once), what would it be? Well, it would be a hard decision between ice cream, popcorn, and thai food - yellow curry. I might have to choose the actual food if it really came down to it, but life without delicious, cold, smooth ice cream or buttery, salty popcorn would be tragic.

3. I am OCD when I'm pumping gas into my car. I always have to end it on a whole dollar amount. I hate it when I accidentally go over a penny and wish I could add in another dollar of gas, but I don't ;) (I'm not super crazy, only a little)

4. I have a fetish for music. I search out new music every week. iTunes is awesome for this, but terrible because it seriously adds up so fast! It's worth it, though. I love finding new artists, especially ones that aren't as common. If anyone wants to do a music trade, let me know!

5. My favorite piece of jewelry is my marble ring. I got it from I love it because it comes with a bag of marbles, plus I've collected many new ones, some from friends and family and some I got off of ebay. I love it because I can change my marble every day to match my outfit or mood. It adds spice to my life! ;)

6. I learned how to knit last year. I knit 3 scarves, then I decided to go big so I knit a blanket. I am halfway done with my second blanket and will get more finished now that fall is setting in (it's not fun knitting in the summer). I've also knit and felted a red purse.

7. I love driving with the one exception of being stuck in bad traffic. I love it when it feels like I am free on the road. My mind clears, I can sing and enjoy my awesome music, and it feels wonderful to see the world passing by. One of my favorite places to drive to is the Spiral Jetty. Which reminds me, I think I'm due for another trip up there...

8. I can be very stubborn. I like to pretend like I am a strong, independent, capable woman. I like carrying all my photo equipment, even if my arms get tired. I sometimes stay in a 'bad mood' just because I'm too stubborn to be the bigger person. That said, I am quick to forgive and I hope others are quick to forgive me!

Ok, well that was harder than I thought!

I am going to tag
Kelli Ward
Natalie Simpson
Michelle Andersen
Kellee Smith
Shellee Draper
Amanda Abel


Shellee Draper said...

Hey Stac! Thanks for Tagging me! It was fun to read your "8"! I'll have to remember that popcorn and ice cream! That's the way to your heart:)

threewinks said...

Yep. You got it right, Shellee! ;)