Sunday, November 12, 2006

Delicious and Refreshing

Yesterday, Katie and Steve were finally married!

What a beautiful, amazing day, as they are some of my dear friends. They were married at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in the morning and despite the cool temperatures, they were troopers as we took all our pictures. We even went to this awesome restored Sinclair gas station in American Fork which was laden with vintage signs and cars. Then we headed up to Salt Lake for a small ring ceremony and reception. You can just see their happiness shine through in their expressions. They are so much fun and I am so happy for them :)

to see a slideshow of the day.


Dustin Izatt said...

Holy Cow Moly Bat Man, these photos are amazing. I absolutely love the ones with the old truck and the coke sign. You are the best photographer in the world and I would die for a chance to second shoot with you someday.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you were in my hood and didn't stop to say HI? I'll get over it but next time don't be a stranger ;o)

FUN stuff at Sinclair!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures, Stac! Girl, you've got an amazing talent. Those photos are beautiful and you totally captured the moment. Katie and Steve look so happy despite the weather. I can't wait till my day comes and to have you take the pics of that day.

Michael Brady said...

Brilliant, as usual. Love your work, love you! Thanks for really capturing their emotions, as you know I love them both too.

Rebekah said...

These are sooo great!! I love that you went to the old gas station. You have such great style!

Davina said...

I really love the shot of them through the truck window with all the signs in the background. So vintage, love the color. You're doing great work!