Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Scrumptious New Flavor

Black Cherry. That's the color of my brand new car. Doesn't that sound delicious?

This last week, I had MAJOR car troubles. After taking it to the shop, the repairman called to tell me how bad it was. To fix my car, it would cost me more than it was even worth. For a few days, I didn't know what to do. Was it the time for me to get a new car or suck it up and pay oodles of money for a piece of junk?

On Saturday, my dad went with me to go car shopping. We went to LHM Toyota. I didn't want a Toyota, but I agreed to go there first. After test driving 5 models of cars, I was in love with the very first car I drove -- the Scion TC. It's a sporty, racey, beautiful car that feels amazing to drive. Today, I went on a drive up Emigration Canyon and down Parleys. It was a perfect way to spend my Sunday evening. Here are some pics I took.


Jonathan Canlas said...

scions are great cars...i've had my xb for almost 2 years now and the only regret i have is not biting the bullet and getting the uber cool rims...congrats on the new car.

b.a.n. said...

Nice car! Sorry I missed the test drive on Saturday.

Michelle Andersen said...

Stace---I love the car and I love the pics you did of your nephews at the zoo. I hadn't seen them until today, no wonder I didn't know what you were talking about! Thanks for inspiring me! You're great! Are you gonna do the intern thing?

nhsphoto said...

i think someone needs to come over and take me for a test drive. hint hint.