Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slides, Swings, and Silliness

I finally got my camera back from the shop last week! With an opportunity to play with my nephews and to see if my camera really was fixed, we went to the park. I have good news to share: it is completely fixed! No more bugs! Yay!

Here are some of the pics at the park. As you can see, James was in somewhat of a mellow mood that day. He was especially stiff going down the slide by himself. Poor guy! I think he had more fun when I took him down the slide on my lap. Will is a maniac at the playground. He runs up the slides, goes down with wreckless abandon, climbs up anything he can hold onto, and tries to swing as high as possible.

Now, I want to thank you all again for checking out my blog during these last few 'slow' months when I was without my camera. I promise I will update more regularly, and it won't always be pictures of my nephews ;)