Saturday, April 21, 2007

Brilliant Machine on Wheels

Ok, so I know that was a lame mnemonic device (I even had to look that word up to spell it correctly), but I was trying to be creative ;)

Last night, we took pictures of this BMW for my friend. He's sadly going to sell it, as he is off to grad school in a few months and needs something a little cheaper for his pocketbook. I guess brilliant minds can't afford brilliant cars. That is, until he's loaded down with degrees and enlightening the next generation of college students, he's going to have to settle for something a little more practical.

He will use these image for his online ad. If anyone is interested in it, shoot me an email, and I will pass along his info.


Scott said...

Wow! What a car! Someone should buy it!

Thanks, Stacy, they look great!

kelleemarie said...

no kidding, I would love a BMW, but I will end up with more of a family wagon! Cute pictures and a cute car!

Shellee said...

Ohhhh I LOVE this car! Good job! Great shots!