Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun

Do you remember when I took pictures of the twins last August? (click HERE for a reminder) Well, it was time to take their picture again, since they turned 1 this last January. These boys LOVE to move! We let them play and crawl around for a while at first and when it was time to take the 'family picture' they would have NOTHING to do with it. Plus, they have been sick the last couple of weeks, so it broke my heart to see them cry and then their nose would start running, too.

Despite the tears, I love photographing these boys. They both have such great facial expressions and we couldn't ever get them to cooperate and do the same thing at the same time (I think they did it on purpose). Now, unless I get a good look at the boys, it's hard for me to tell them apart, so I have to memorize what color they're wearing. I dare you to guess which one is which in the black and white ones ;) And, you have to look at their shoes, because they are simply darling!

Enough blabbing, take a look at my favorites. And WATCH THE SLIDESHOW! (It moves fast, so you might have to watch it twice)


Rebekah said...

These are AWESOME!! What great colors! And those little boys...oh my gosh they are SO cute!