Friday, March 14, 2008

WPPI: 2008


I am so excited for WPPI this year. For those of you who aren't geeky photographers, WPPI is a big photo convention held down in Vegas. There's a tradeshow, tons of awesome classes, inspiring photographers, and great networking. I came down a few days early this year to go to the Business Institute. Tonight, we had the first speaker, Jerry Ghionis. Man, I am already so pumped! I could've listened to him forever. I am so excited to implement all the things I am learning into my business.

For your info, I will be checking emails periodically and returning phone calls, but I will get to the bulk of my correspondence with you all when I get back into Salt Lake on Thursday the 20th.

These are some pics I took today of some Joshua trees outside of Vegas. It was nice to actually stop here (I've wanted to photograph them since I saw them from the freeway when I came down in January), stretch my legs, lose my keys, and enjoy the sun. P.S. I'm glad to be down here where it's pleasant and warm rather than Salt Lake, where it's cold and wet.





amy daryl said...

Wish we were there! Looks nice and warm!

Jonathan Canlas said...

it was so good seeing you and anna. for realz. it was like byu all over again...

Michelle Andersen said...

Wish I was with you on the way there too! I've always wanted to shoot a Joshua time!
Can't wait to see what you blog from our trip! :0)

Rhett Olson said...

It was great to meet you at WPPI. I had so much fun meeting all the people who's blog I stalk.