Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bad Luck with Keys

I am not typically a superstitious person -- except for the fact that I LOVE Friday the 13th -- but I hear that things happen in 3's.... I hope this isn't the case with me.

On Monday at my shoot with Debra, I was constantly putting my keys in and out of my pocket. We drove to 4 separate locations, shot at 6, and we got in and out of the car for outfit changes, too. Somewhere along the way, the keys to my studio fell off my key chain. I spent Tuesday morning in search for them...but it was like finding a needle in a haystack, except I didn't even know WHICH haystack to look in! I finally gave in and had my landlord make me a new set. Bummer!

Last night, I made the mistake of parking at Wal-Mart during a photo shoot (which I will be posting images of shortly). I get back to my car and someone ran a key across the entire driver's side, front and back panels. Seriously! Who does that? Doesn't anyone have respect for other people's property anymore? Did I do anything to them? It looks awful and I try not to think about it. Breathing in slowly and deeply every time I see or think about it helps a little. My poor little car....

Like I said, I hope I don't have any more 'key' catastrophes!

Any of you have any similar stories you'd like to share to make me feel better? :)


Debra Fotheringham said...

Oh my gosh, what jerks. Why would someone do that? Sorry about losing your keys too.
Ok, here is my story to make you feel better. About two years ago I was stopped at a stop light and someone hit the car behind me knocking it into my back bumper. I had to get it replaced. A few months later, I came out from work and discovered that my whole front bumper had been torn off in the parking lot by some guy's huge truck. Got it replaced. A few months later, I was stopped at a stop sign and a lady on her cell phone rear ended me. Rear bumper replaced...again. A few months after that I came out of work to discover that another guy in a truck had hit my front bumper in the parking lot. Front bumper replaced...again. A few months after that, I was at church and some guy came in from the parking lot asking who drove a silver chevy cavalier. It was mine. He'd hit my back bumper with his truck and put a huge hole in it. Rear bumper replaced for the third time. That is five car accidents...within two years...and none of them were my fault. I hope you feel better. :)

Thanks again for the shots, Stacy. You are seriously so talented. Allred's look awesome too.

threewinks said...

Debra, yes your story does make me feel better. I can't believe you had to replace your bumpers so many times! I guess I need to be grateful for the blessings I have... and a car is just a way to get me around.

Shellee Draper said...


Your work is so fun to look through! I am SO Bad with my keys. I lose them every single day. I'm not kidding. It's so annoying. We go to leave and I tell my kids to get in the car and then I start to do my little key dance. The other day my first grader said that when he grows up he wants to be 3 things. . . an engineer (that's what his dad is) a photographer (obviously, that's what his mom is) and an inventor. I thought it was so cute. I said, "Oh Tait, you want to be an inventor?" He replied, "Ya, I need to invent something to help you stop losing your keys". AND MAYBE HE WILL! Just tonight I was on a shoot with 4 little boys and I just had my camera and my keys and my new picture takin' pants don't have pockets so I threw them down on a log. At the end I was like "WHERE ARE MY KEYS!" Their smarter than me mom had put them in her purse! Oh my.



threewinks said...

Oh Shel, you are too funny. I love how Tait wants to invent something so you don't lose your keys and I love how the mom at your shoot held your keys for you. Great stories. Hope to see you when you come up to SL soon!

MB said...

Sorry to hear about the damage to your car. That s*cks!

Unfortunately, I have a similar story. I purchased a brand new brite red Ford pick-up and the day I put the first payment in the mail I came out to see that someone keyed the whole truck (both sides and even through the F150 emblem). I was so upset.

Apparently, a guy who lived on a side street thought only people who lived on the street could park there so he vandelized a number of vehicles. Thankfully this jerk has moved out of the neighborhood.

P.S. I have been visiting your site for a while but don't think I have ever commented. Love all your photos!

threewinks said...

Oh wow, are you serious? Ok, I have NOTHING to complain about. I can't believe your car was keyed all the way around. Some people.... Thanks for coming to my blog and for leaving a comment! I hope to see you around again :)